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In a world of constant data breaches, ransomware attacks, and data mining by large corporations, privacy is more important than ever. We believe that only you should have access to your data, and we’ve created what we feel is the most private object storage platform in the world.

Unmatched Privacy

We believe data privacy is a human right, which is why Storj is built on a decentralized architecture that makes data breaches a thing of the past. 

Default Encryption

Storj automatically encrypts all files before being uploaded--your data is only in your hands and those you share it with.


Common attacks depend on breaching a central repository of access controls, compromising a credential, or gaining access to a treasure trove of data. Decentralization eliminates whole categories of attack vectors.

Delegated Authorization

Storj pushes access management to the client and uses macaroon-based API keys for an added layer of security. Pushing access management to the edge eliminates the need for access control lists, increasing privacy.

Access Management

With access managed peer-to-peer, Storj separates responsibilities for creating bearer tokens for access management from encryption to use the data. Separation of these concerns enables decoupling storage, access management, and use of data, ensuring greater privacy with greater transparency.

Security & Privacy Priorities Report

Your data is your most valuable asset. Learn how Storj can help ensure only you—and those you give permission—can access your data.

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Cloud Storage Privacy

Users are more aware than ever about data privacy—it’s crucial enough that significant revenue and trust can be won or lost. Discover the top concerns with centralized providers like Amazon S3, Google, and Azure, and learn how decentralization makes

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Security & Privacy Webinar

In this webinar, Storj CTO, JT Olio & COO, John Gleeson discuss how Storj helps you build more secure and private apps with familiar tools and minimal complexity.

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