S3 compatible for fast and easy integration.

Our S3 compatible object storage makes it a breeze to migrate existing or new data and solutions so you can take advantage of the cost, performance, and security benefits of our massive, distributed network.

Connect using our hosted S3 gateway.

Quickly integrate using our S3 compatible gateway or a self-hosted S3 compatible gateway. It's easy to create a new access grant with the permissions you choose, then a simple click generates S3 credentials. This allows you to then generate an S3 compatible access key, secret key, and endpoint in your S3-supporting application.

No need to learn new code.

The Storj interface will be familiar to S3 users—making it simple to get started. We support organizing objects by bucket and key, all HTTP verbs including HEAD, byte-range fetches, as well as uploading files in multiple parts.

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Storj outperforms AWS S3.

Want to improve S3 security?

Get a deep-dive on 9 encryption capabilities and how Storj compares.

Want reliable performance?

Learn how Storj is faster and more globally consistent than AWS S3.

Save big when you switch.

AWS S3 users save 80-90% each month on their storage bill.

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