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Simply change your endpoint and credentials, and you’ll be up and running on the decentralized cloud.

Switching is Easy

Whether you’re building your next application or upgrading your cloud object storage on an existing app, Storj is S3 compatible, making it simple to switch over, and compatible with your current S3 tooling.

Compatible Tooling

Storj works with most S3 compatible tooling, so there’s no need to learn anything new or get used to unfamiliar tools.


The Storj encryption ecosystem ensures the maximum flexibility and compatibility between gateways, libraries, bindings, and apps.

Privacy Controls

If you'd like to be up and running quickly with server-side encryption, choose our hosted S3-compatible GatewayMT. If you need end-to-end encryption and the maximum level of privacy, run a self-hosted GatewayST.


Not only are your files/data encrypted automatically but your metadata is also encrypted, adding yet another layer of security—all at no extra cost.

Security & Privacy Priorities Report

Your data is your most valuable asset. Learn how Storj can help ensure only you—and those you give permission—can access your data.

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Security & Privacy Webinar

In this webinar, Storj CTO, JT Olio & COO, John Gleeson discuss how Storj helps you build more secure and private apps with familiar tools and minimal complexity.

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